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A Brief Anatomy Of Body, Mind, Emotion, And Energy

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Hello travellers, transcenders, and readers

With the spirits of spring coming to the south, I wish that this post finds you well.

Reading the book 'Mystic Musing' by a renown figure of mystic Hinduism, Sadhguru, I withdrew the essence of his teachings. He argues reality is not what we all know it. Our reality, in fact, is the four elements of body, mind, emotion, and energy. The book, I must admit, is quite raw, but it's not his job to digest every word from the book, but it's mine as a writer, to extract the essence of the teachings.

In the article posted on Medium as the same title above, I wrote how yoga and meditation can't be separated from the four elements and how the four elements are the key to your life achievement, supported with a scientific explanation of EQ.

Please feel free to read the article here.

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