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A Brief Anatomy of Body, Mind, Emotion, And Energy

The Four Keys Of Reality To Help With Your Life Achievement

I woke up in the middle of the night only to realise that I just missed one necessary trash clean-up by the local council cleaning service. I had been waiting for it for three months. For some reasons, it annoyed me to the fact that I just missed the boat and have to wait for another two or three months — it means next year, unbelievable! Being underemployed due to COVID19, I couldn’t afford to hire a private cleaning service to pick up all the junks in the basement storage. It bothered me and sent me to a night of restless sleep.

I sat restlessly because of the lingering cracks in mind. They caused turbulences on the plane of meditation. But in the end, you have to accept it as a part of the journey. Each day of reflection is never the same. Every day you have a different experience. Because of meditation, you learn to let the imperfect being part of you. You accept it as the journey of life.

Life is a straight forward line, but there will be cracks in between. So you always imagine life is like a straight line that you walk on, but there’ll be fractions, cracks or branches if you like, and sometimes you’ll get pushed off the line, but soon you realise that you’re off the line, you’ll come back on track. But how do you focus walking on the straight line and minimising any turbulences?

Look no further beyond yourself. We all have body, mind, emotion and energy. Focusing on the four key of reality will help you walk on the path of life with less or without turbulences. Living your life without a burden from the past will help you focus and lead on the straight line of life. When you’re an absolute driver of your body, mind, emotion, and energy, life will shine bright on you.

Body, Mind, Emotion, And Energy.

A lesson I learned from mystic Hinduism isn’t burning incense, statue worshipping, and activating the chakra energies, but solely learning the four reality keys of life and gain full control on each one of them in achieving mindfulness, and wellbeing.

While body, mind, and emotion are apparent for most of us, recognising the three as the force of your life, needs absolute clarity. Energy forces body, mind and emotion to function. So the saying ‘you are what you eat’ is no exaggeration. Veganism helped me to achieve awareness of the impact of the food I consumed.

Though it is debatable whether veganism only fits specific demographics, most experts agree that consuming less meat and eating more plant-based wholefood is the key to your health. With a healthy body comes a strong mind, and mind is the navigator of emotions. With your mind, you can navigate and control your emotions to achieve mindfulness and wellbeing.

Durlofsky PhD, writing for psychcentral website, in her article ‘The benefits of Emotional Intelligence’ writes that Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify, manage emotions effectively and positively. She argues that someone with a high EQ helps to communicate better, reduce anxiety and stress, and even defuse conflicts, improve the relationship, empathise with others and it is an effective way to overcome many challenges in life.

Like athletes utilise their bodies in winning the world games while scientists use their intelligence to any discoveries and facts. Writers and artists stimulate their emotions in their writing and creative arts. Mystic Hinduism respectively recognises the three natures of yoga: karma yoga; body, gnana yoga; intelligence, and bhakti-yoga; emotion. But for someone who transforms the Inner energy to maximise the capacity of the three; body, mind, and emotion, it is kriya yoga.

According to the Australia Yoga Association homepage, kriya Yoga is a non-sectarian path to reach higher states of consciousness by developing mind, body, intellect and awareness of the soul. It provides a powerful technique of meditation.

Yoga To Transform Your Inner Energy.

Yoga is more than twists and turns, stretches and bending as we all know it. Yoga has developed into many forms of practices. But out of the diverse methods, it’s merely a gym exercise, or similar to pilate, if you like. The modern yoga — particularly the ones being practised in the west — moves away from the roots of its origin. I am practising yoga in a way to tune body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony. So yoga can be a journey to transcend becoming one with oneself.

But the actual yoga is methodical techniques to activate inner energy, so that body, mind, and emotion accelerate to their maximal functions. The skills of yoga can assist in maintaining your body and mind working simultaneously at their height.

With yoga, you develop an intimate relationship with your body. You know your body. As you practice yoga asana, all the way along, you become aware of your physical rigidity. I was so rigid in my mind. I was an emotional person before I practised yoga and meditation. I never allowed any other possible ways of thinking, but following my emotions, rigidly. Yoga helped me to eliminate the rigidity of mind and emotion.

Back On The Yoga Mat.

It was already 6:30 am, and the unexpected chilled morning of spring made me reluctant to start my daily meditation. I urged myself to do it anyway, wherever it may take me.

Today the thoughts of missing the boat still lingered in mind that it polluted the pathway of meditation. But another friction in mind lingering that recently remained intact for a few weeks was, in fact, JK Rowling. But why did she, all of a sudden, come up on the surface?

I grew up reading Harry Potter. I was a fresh graduate in an early path of career. So I spent my first hard-earned salaries on the books and merchandises. Anticipating each time the new book out became the new norm for me. JK Rowling has been my idol and always thought she was on the side of LGBTQ. So it’s disappointing that she used her celebrity status and baselessly empowered her crude distorted thoughts, emotions and opinions on the transgender issues. Her influential voice is hurting transgender people out there. I knew that it affected some transgender friends of mine who have been living with discrimination and abuses in their entire lifetimes.

But in the end, it didn’t bother me much because I knew any person who lives on earth is in the making of him/herself. JK Rowling might be undeniably an intelligent writer — with her fictional creatures come alive feeding your fantasy and imagination.

One thing for sure though, she’s a person who is spiritually immature with an indistinct EQ. She might need a little homework with it so that she could develop empathy with others, particularly her misconception and ill-informed views of transgender.

Perhaps, only perhaps, one day, she would find her way out and entirely in charge of her reality; body, mind, emotion, and energy.


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