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Duality In Yourself

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Hello travellers, transcenders, and readers,

The spring's warm air is finally coming. This morning, for the first time since a long cold winter, I could breathe in 21 degrees temperatures. It was 5:30, and the sun has been out waking the day up. The sound of passing vehicles down the road, vibrating concrete walls. Then all of a sudden, the warm air of summer, breezes lingering, and the smell of salt from the blue-sapphire ocean passed through the corner of my mind.

Feeling grateful of what natures give you, accept life as the way it is, I think, it's the way to love yourself, because whatever and wherever life takes you, it is you who drive and lead it. Destiny isn't a point B of the journey, but rather what completes the inseparable duality of the journey itself, like birth and death, good and bad, light and dark, north and south, east and west. We were all born with the duality in ourselves. We don't choose one or the other, but it is the one that makes us walk the life in balance, harmoniously.

Whether you think you're under achievement, life's playing you down, remember that those are a polarity that can only happen only because of the existence of another opposite of polarity. Does the light complete the dark, or on the way around?

I just heard the call of the ocean, white sand, and the dances of bushland. I might head over to be one with where I came from. Last but not least, stay safe everyone.

Love is you. Love is us.

Dive deeper to find out how to accept life as it is in the article published by Illumination, a Medium Publication 'The World Has Always Been A Better Place'

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