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Hello travellers, transcenders, and readers,

How has life been treating you? Today, along the Manly to North heard trail, I was immersed in the bushland, walking through shrubs and bushes, passing through a billabong, and from the highland, overlooking the ocean. It was so peaceful. Nature, in a way, accepted me like I was breathing in them and they were breathing in me. Natures always accept you, like they were an old mate who has been long waiting for you, embracing you with its warmth. The energy wrapped around you, like you're them and they're you. Inclusion always makes us accepted.

From my favourite yogi and guru, a mystic Hindus, Sadhguru, in his book 'Life And Death In One Breath, he articulates 'inclusion' as accepting differences. Differences add colour and dimension to our lives. Whenever there's no inclusion, it is where the troubles start.

I think Australia is progressing its way when it comes to 'inclusion'. Still, unfortunately, a minority of people who have influential voices in Auspol have ignored 'inclusion', and this is where all the troubles start. You're free to dive deeper to find out more:

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