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Manifesto Of The Voices Of The Voiceless

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

An Open Letter To Friends Who Left Me With Nothing, But Myself

By the time you left me and banished me from our world, I was in a full circle of anger. But anger is the evidence of emotion — not feeling — and emotion that made us humane. We are built of the component natures of being compassionate. Therefore you and I are human, and that humanity in us is expansive webs of humans and the qualities encircling us through the chakra of space and time—the ability to channel emotions. Through our brain, we have been allowed by natures of nerve-fabrics broadband to react to our given realities whether we chose to be in it or drawn into it by such an invisible connecting force. Couldn’t we be more grateful for what the universe has gifted us?

But who am I, anyway? A little angry soul who sought shoulders from you as my support system, because the world out there is indiscriminately cruel and injustice. I had you, and you had me. But the times — when you thought I’d left all of you, it was the time when you left me alone from your little virtuality. The friendship I nurtured, of years of tears and joys, didn’t seem matter to you, or I didn’t matter to you. But I assumed that the fact whether it ever mattered to both of us or not, for you, is the question of who could give away more than the others? The rest is our chosen pathway to accept or reject it. Are the givers always your winners?

We always thought that living in our little virtuality is the only way we could connect ourselves to others and others us. The petty, bubbles of the world are the reality you built, but there is a tiny piece from all of you whom you left behind that you never looked back. The bit that you’ve forgotten but has made what you are now. We hurt, insult, abuse, humiliate, others, not because we are unkind and ignorant, bigotted and wicked, vengeance and hateful, but we thought we have the invincibility over the others.

Strangely, we have been trying too hard to thrive through our connections through the means of virtuality while the answer to connecting with people is ourselves. We don’t need to prove whether compassion is the truth of humanity because compassion is us, and we are the compassion itself. We had failed to see what had been planted in our DNA.

See no further, but the history of humanity itself. Compassion has always been the essences of the ancient teaching — the aged spirituality and those that came after. But we keep ignoring the calls of connection, blinding the eye of our heart. To an extent, we are ignoring its existence, diminishing it, and seeking the answer through our scientific creations of virtual technology.

Based on the seekers of knowledge, we built our belief system. We built a network based on false faith that by creating the virtuality in the very reality. We gave birth to the norms of the standard cores; with a blinded heart, we look into ourselves, frame and present the ‘I is me’ narratives for others to see what we are or what and how we want others to see us. And so in a way or another, we could get closer and more connected, but the reality is we have never been more disconnected than we have ever been before. And yet, we are seeking the answers on how we could connect with others by walking out from our innate ability that has been naturally planted in our blood, the DNA of compassion. The more we thought we are walking toward the reality of life itself, the more we are disconnected from ourselves. At the same time, the answer awaits in our heart.

We couldn’t even see any more how many friendships we have lost throughout the years? How many souls have we lost from the hurtful words we said only through our fingertips of viable social virtuality? Social media is not about us, and it has never been about us. It is nothing but to disunite us further away from our connection and compassion. Social media is the ugly truth that humanity has to endure for the next long decades if changes haven’t started from us. It is the spinning wheel invented to milk our existence for the substantial capital gains of those who built it and fed by it. The only war we have to defeat isn’t division among us, because such division and fractions in our community are only a wound that needs healing. The only war we fight is to bring back the power of humanity. That is the fight to unite and the rights to reject any mechanisms that disconnect us from ourselves, and then divisions and fractions will heal like a wound to the skin.

Just remember that your intelligence doesn’t always align with your speaking capabilities. The more you speak out, and you condemn from what it’s been the truth of the earth for centuries, the more you dispatch the intelligence, stripping it off humanity. The power of one’s intelligence is the ability to listen to the voices of the voiceless because they are the inner voices of the earth, the roots of humanity.

“But I think the greatest gift that it’s given me and many of us in this room is the opportunity to use our voice to the voiceless”. (Source: Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar Speech)

His compassionate speech somehow rang me through that it is true we all share the same love; that is what given us this extraordinary life. It is the same love and compassion that will bring us back to reconnect us to the world and free us from the ego-centric selves.


Originally posted on Medium.

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