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The Hardest Part Of Veganism Might Actually Be The Judgement From The Other Vegans

Hi everyone.

In the middle of the uncertainties, I hope all of you find your inner strength and remember you're not alone. Reach out your loved ones whenever you need a little chat, or even a shoulder to cry on. There's always a space for you whenever you need it, wherever it is.

I wrote my first article on the journey of veganism a few days ago. So three months have passed since I embraced veganism and became a part of my lifestyle. I thought this is it, there's no turnaround. I'm thriving through this journey with such joy each day.

This article talks about common animal products lurking in everyday food packaging in Australian supermarkets and many challenges I found along the way of the journey.

Medium curated the article under the same time title.

You can find a more in-depth story here on Medium.

Till then, stay safe and bye for now.



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